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Охлократ Время бывает жестоким.(12 марта 00:58)

Окна Окна Окна боялись выглядывать на улицу. Белый туман закрывал глаза. Старая площадь напоминала му(12 марта 00:56)

Отражение Отражение Наступишь на зеркало и увидишь картину. Возникнет счастливый и неожиданный образ. Дотр(12 марта 00:53)

"Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона" "Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона". Аудио, юмор, читает автор Сергей Шиповник.(02 февраля 05:47)





Advertising on Radio “RussianTown”

Radio RussianTown not only transmits its signal to a vast geographical area, but it is part of a unique company that utilizes all kinds of modern mass media.  That is why it is highly advantageous to advertise on Radio RussianTown.

Dear advertisers!  The popular monthly magazine RussianTown, the constantly updated Internet portal www.russiantown.com, and now the Internet radio station Radio RussianTown represent a unique complex of the mass media that is read, listened to, and really loved in America.

Our company, RussianTown, increases its target audience with every new project.  As businessmen, you know the importance of advertising.  You also know that a company that creates and markets its own advertising is especially important in two ways: First of all, it expands the number of consumers, and – even more important – its self-advertising demonstrates its own competence in the world of advertising. 

If we can successfully advertise our own product, Radio RussianTown, then we can do the same for your company.
We always meet and often exceed the expectations of our listeners.  Our main rule is that the content of a radio program should satisfy not just one generation of an average American Russian-speaking family, but the entire family. Therefore, the list of our programs is constantly being expanded as much as possible

Advertising on Radio RussianTown means distribution of your information all over not just America, but the world.  Your company can be presented on our Radio Russian Town in any form that is convenient for you.  It can be an interview with the company head, or it can be a number of releases about your company’s business activities, or it can be a commercial in the format of a game, images or straight information.  It all depends upon what your targets and wishes are – we can do it all for you.

Our equipment and technical know-how, and our bright, original ideas allow us to create real masterpieces of sound advertising which have already proved to be very effective.  The most effective thing here is the advertising of a brand name, which will inevitably increase the profitability of your company.  Over a short period of time many game-like advertising commercials created by our team of copy-writers, musicians and sound producers have become favorites of the public.  We can attract people’s attention, and we can present the information properly and in an interesting and appealing manner.  Originality of ideas, quality of scoring, recording, and final sound mixing of your product’s advertisement – in other words, all the high-quality services provided by our studio – will attract your potential clients and help you win against the competition.