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"Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона" "Нгуен-муен" из цикла "Фестиваль "Три слона". Аудио, юмор, читает автор Сергей Шиповник.(02 февраля 05:47)





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Dj La Femme в Атланте 15-го октября

October,15 Havana Club & DENOFF Entertainment Group
Presents one of a kind Female DJ - Ms. LA FEMME

3 HOURS Set by DJ La FEMME in HOUSE Gallery
opening set by DJ DENOFF (Ukraine)

TXT 404-518-9989 for your RSVP for this Event
with RSVP it will be FREE before 12AM, $10-20 After

Sponsors of the EVENT : Best Travel Deals www.multichoicetravel.com & Mobile Phone Apps Development www.multichoiceapps.com

Dj La Femme: In 2008, LaFemme co-produced the Detroit Fringe Festival at the Music Hall of Performing Arts, hosted by the iconic Sandra Bernard. The festival was a smash hit, featuring turntable legend Afrika Bambaattaa, Oscar-winning Eminem producer Luis Resto, Lafemme herself, and many other notable audio, video and literary artists. Never one to try and cut loose from Detroit at the luring scent of success outside her hometown, LaFemme also hosted The L-Word actress Elizabeth Keener at friend and Boombox party-partner Jenny Ouligian's sexy Dolce Moda boutique for a summer soiree in trendy downtown Royal Oak, Michigan.

Opening for DJ Grad, Russia's answer to American house maestro Roger Sanchez, in New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago and Moscow, LaFemme turned out her Detroit-cum-Euro sensibilities into a house music hothouse of an opening set before one of electronic music's hardest-to-please crowds, and they've been talking about her ever since. LaFemme tours Russian shores again this February when she plays at the Russian Winter Music Conference in Sochi.
Lafemme's soulful house, old-school, international pop and "grown and sexy" club mixes -- sometimes all in one set -- and the chic international and mixed crowds she attracts have turned Lafemme into the jet set's underground It Girl. From Chicago to Detroit, from Miami to Moscow, LaFemme is the buzz.

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